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Cake Pops! Brownie Pops! Let’s get it Poppin’!

Oh yes.  The cake pop sensation has reached my kitchen.

Originally created by Bakerella, these little pops are everywhere! I wish I created these little bad boys myself! When first asked to make a cake pop I was hesitant because I didn’t like the idea of a cake pop.  What is a cake pop?  A cake pop is cake that has been crumbled and mixed with frosting then rolled into a ball and finally dipped in chocolate…all while on a lollipop stick.  Why do I not like the idea?  I love cake because it stands apart from the frosting and other decorative additions that you can think of (fondant, gumpaste, sprinkles….you name it!).  I love eating good cake and feel that cake pops are more for decorative purposes AND NOT for cake tasters.  Don’t get me wrong, I think cake pops are super cute, versatile, and oh so clever…but WHAT ABOUT THE CAKE???

The compromise….

My cousin’s engagement was yesterday and several months ago she requested 100 brownie pops and 100 mini cupcakes in 3 different flavors (chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry).  I was excited to take on the order since I love to bake and love baking for special occasions!  She decided on brownie pops since I was preparing cupcakes and didn’t want to over cake the dessert table.  As previously mentioned, cake pops requires mixing the cake with frosting…but what about the brownies?  I decided to not add any frosting to the brownies as it would take away its integrity as a no frosting dessert.  I baked 4 batches of brownies and immediately started rolling them into little balls once slightly cooled.  The trick is to roll the brownies while they’re still warm and to NOT use the brownie edges.

What did that leave me with? A bowl full of brownie edges…for all the lovers out there.

brownie edges...for all the lovers.

Once rolled, they were placed into the fridge to firm up and the imperfect balls were reshaped.

 Candy melts were heated in a double boiler until smooth and heat was turned off.  This is the key to your cake pop success!!!!  Do not overheat your candy melts or else you will lose the desired consistency and your chocolate will turn into a thick paste.  The directions on the bag says to add 2 tsp of vegetable shortening if it does lose its consistency but before that happens….simply melt until smooth and turn off heat and you are in the clear.  Do not make the mistake of keeping the water simmering so that the heat keeps the chocolate in liquid form.

I had a great time preparing these little pops and am now on a cake pop kick.  I’ve decided, why not make tasty cakes in these little pops [many decorators use boxed cake :*( ].  I took a bite out of the brownie pop and went to heaven.  It was delightful as the brownie was chocolatey and chewy with a light chocolate glaze on the outside.  It was also great for presentation purposes and was very fun to decorate.

Below are instructions and insights on making your own cake pop!

1.  Bake cake and let cool slightly.

2.  For cake pops, crumble cake into a bowl and add frosting until cake holds together ( ~ 1/2 – 1 cup).  For brownies, cut brownie into small squares and roll into a ball.

3.  Once cake balls have been formed, refrigerate ~ 15 minutes or longer if desired.

4.  Remove cake balls from fridge and prepare candy melts.  Dip lollipop sticks about 1/4 – 1/2 inch into chocolate and put sticks into the cake balls being careful not to insert halfway into the cake.  You want to insert the sticks about 1/2inch in.  *if ball cracks, “glue” together with chocolate and place into the fridge until chocolate hardens.

dipping into a bath of white chocolate

5.  Once sticks have been securely placed and chocolate has hardened ( ~ 15 mins in the fridge ) dip pop into chocolate.  * DO NOT swirl the cake pop into the chocolate or else it will break apart.  The key is to dip it in directly and move it left and right but never mixing or swirling.

cake wrecks. the ones that didn't make it.

6.  Once pop has been dipped, tap off excess chocolate by holding tightly onto the cake pop while your free hand is tapping at the hand holding the pop.  That way you are not applying direct force onto the pop but rather indirectly through you hand causing more gentler vibrations.  While tapping excess chocolate, slowly swirl the cake pop for an even coating.

coated & waiting to dry

7.  Place coated pop into a styrofoam board and let cool to harden.

*for all cakes, chips, pretezels, anything at all….once dipped in chocolate the item will maintain freshness as the chocolate protects it from being exposed to air.